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Earlier this week we launched Alexi Capsouras’s fitness website. Make sure you check it out at To learn more about Alexi, read her bio below and explore her website.

Alexi is a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer specializing with in-home personal and small group training. She serves the Northeast section of New Jersey, specifically Morris, Essex, and Union counties. As an ingrained athlete, Alexi shined in track in high school and later went on to compete and excel in the University of Delaware’s Division I women’s track and field program. It was during her tenure as a collegiate athlete that Alexi cemented her passion for fitness, strength & conditioning, and sports nutrition. Now, though a “retired” athlete, Alexi maintains a rigorous workout schedule and embodies a healthy lifestyle that she hopes to share and further develop in her clients. Alexi is constantly researching innovative exercise techniques and practices to complement the basic and core exercises she teaches her clients.

In her professional experience, Alexi has over 2 years participating in a physical therapy setting, where she encountered patients from adolescents to seniors, each with ranging abilities and restrictions. She also has combined over 8 years of experience as a coach for track, speed and agility training, and as a personal trainer.