-April 8, 2013-

Video by Hurricane Productions

“Too Legit To Sit” – Dance Marathon Slogan of ZTA

After a year of fundraising culminating in 32 hours of non-stop dancing and other activities involving hundreds of students, members of the Rutgers community and those they were supporting, the 2013 Rutgers University Dance Marathon raised $503,641.77 for the Embrace Kids Foundation. On the marathon’s 15th anniversary the Rutgers community blew away last year’s record continuing the project’s meteoric rise in prominence and ballooning its overall 15 year total to almost $4 million.

CCG Models would like to congratulate everyone involved in this year’s fantastic results as well as the Scarlet NJ models that participated at the dance marathon and other events throughout the year!

Click the images below, provided by Scarlet NJ model Alexandra, to see a few first-hand moments from the 32-hour Dance Marathon.

Image 1 – Alexandra in her ZTA marathon shirt.

Image 2 – Club DM

Image 3 – One of the sponsored meal times

Image 4 – Final hours winding down