Available to Pin-Up Poster and 2015 Calendar Pre-Order campaign supporters now, the general public March 31, 2015.

For those that have participated in or followed either our recent Susan Coffey 2015 Calendar or last year’s Susan Coffey Pin-Up Poster projects, you will be aware of the exclusive autographed 8×10 prints that were available with some reward packages. We heard from a lot of fans about how much you loved the projects and their reward packages, especially the unique options available such as the 8×10 prints.

Well, we printed extra 8×10’s for each option to make sure that we had enough to fulfill all of the original reward requests. As a thank you to everyone who helped make these projects possible, we have made these extra prints available for those who want to complete their 8×10 print collection!

If you were a campaign or pre-order supporter for Susan’s pin-up poster or 2015 calendar, check your email for a link to the hidden store category featuring the autographed 8×10 prints that are available. We’re giving previous supporters first dibs on what we have left so act fast! Quantities are extremely limited with no print having more than 5 available. Once they are sold out they will not be available again!

If you were not a Pin-Up Poster campaign or 2015 Calendar pre-order supporter, don’t worry! On Tuesday, March 31, 2015 all of the remaining prints will become available to the general public.

Head over to our Susan Coffey Store to get your autographed 8×10 Prints when they become available to the general public!